Retailer Selling Tips

As a retailer, you know the importance of selling quality products to ensure customer satisfaction, repeat buyers, minimal returns and increased profits. The NALFA certification seal is proof of quality flooring and peace of mind for your business. Choosing to inventory and sell products that are NALFA certified is not just a smart business move, it’s a great opportunity to increase store traffic and conversion.

Learn about NALFA Certification

  • Step one to selling NALFA certified products is to become an expert on the benefits the seal offers. Research the information contained on this website. Learn about each of the 10 rigorous tests that every product must pass to earn certification. Familiarize yourself with currently approved products and share the information with your staff.

Promote and Advertise

  • Draw customers to your store by making the NALFA certification seal part of your advertising program. Choose advertising pieces for your insert that are NALFA certified and clearly label them in your ad. You can find downloadable artwork here.

Discover the Customer’s Needs

  • Now that you’ve drawn customers to your store, identify what their laminate flooring needs are. What style are they looking for? Where type of room will they be installing it in? What are the dimensions and layout of the room? Who will be installing the floor? Clearly discovering their needs will help you match them with the best suited NALFA certified floor.

Advocate the Benefits of NALFA Certification

  • Once you’ve narrowed down the customer’s product selection, use NALFA certification as part of your closing pitch. Today’s customers understand the added value of 3rd party endorsements and will be impressed at your knowledge of what the NALFA certification seal means for them – long lasting performance and durability. Certified means satisfied.

Follow-up After the Sale

  • Re-enforce the “certified means satisfied” message with a follow-up call after the floor has been installed.
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