White Paper: Making Sense of Wear Resistance & AC Ratings

WASHINGTON, DC – Some technical and marketing terms used in the flooring industry can be confusing or misleading for the consumer. The term “Abrasion Class or AC rating (AC1-AC6),” is a classification from the European standard EN 13329 to describe “wear resistance” of laminate flooring. Even though, the North American standard for laminate flooring NALFA-LF-01 does not use AC rating classification, the AC rating has become over the years widely use in the marketing of laminate flooring. Abrasion class is only one component of product durability; other properties such as impact and stain resistance also come into play when describing how durable a laminate flooring product really is.

For more information, download a copy of the NALFA white paper on AC ratings: White Paper: Making Sense of Wear Resistance and AC Ratings.

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