The 7 NALFA “Need-to-Knows”

1. NALFA stands for the North American Laminate Flooring Association. We are the ONLY trade organization exclusively dedicated to the laminate flooring industry.

2. Our organization was founded in 1997 by a group of US and Canadian laminate manufacturers and importers who saw a need to promote the continuous and responsible growth of the laminate industry.

3. One of our primary missions is to help consumers navigate through the confusing and stressful floor buying process through research and education.

4. Industry leaders who participate on the NALFA board of directors and serve on NALFA committees do it on a completely volunteer basis. They receive no compensation for their services.

5. NALFA became an accredited ANSI standards developing organization in 2008 and has published testing standards for laminate flooring and underlayment products. Today, these tests are an industry standard for quality.

6. The NALFA certification seal is given to laminate flooring and underlayament products that pass the rigorous ANSI product standards testing. It represents the highest quality you can buy. Look for the seal before you make the deal!

7. NALFA membership is open to a wide variety of businesses who support the laminate flooring market: manufacturers, marketers, importers, retailers, installers, testing labs, buying groups, and suppliers of laminate flooring goods or services.

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