NALFA’s New Macro-Scratch Test Method

WASHINGTON D.C., 2024 — The North America Laminate Flooring Association proudly announces its new Macro-Scratch Test Method, designed to revolutionize the evaluation of laminate flooring surfaces. This method addresses the need to assess scratching, a common issue encountered in daily use, caused by various factors such as dragging objects or sliding furniture.

The Macro-Scratch Test Method employs the Martindale Abrasion Tester to simulate real-life scratching scenarios. By subjecting laminate flooring samples to this testing, NALFA aims to provide consumers and industry professionals with accurate and reliable data regarding a product’s scratch resistance.

The method utilizes a qualitative rating system, ranging from Rating 0 (indicating no change) to Rating 3 (signifying severe change). This system incorporates both visual and descriptive components, offering clear guidance for assessing surface scratching. Additionally, NALFA emphasizes the significance of considering factors such as gloss, color, and texture during testing, as these attributes can significantly influence the outcome.

NALFA invites manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to embrace this new method and leverage its benefits in selecting high-quality laminate flooring solutions.

The standard can be found and is free to download on our website under Standards and Test Methods.

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