Mohawk Obtains Platinum-Level NALFA LF-02 Certification

WASHINGTON D.C., 2024 — NALFA is proud to announce that Mohawk Industries has achieved Platinum Level LF-02 Sustainability Certification. Platinum Level certification is the highest level of LF-02 Sustainability Certification and requires third-party review and validation of compliance with the standard. This notable achievement establishes Mohawk as the first company within NALFA’s membership to secure third-party evaluated Platinum Level certification since the standard’s inception. Previously Mohawk achieved Bronze Level certification through the self-certification process.

The LF-02 Sustainability Certification, developed by NALFA to serve as a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the laminate flooring sector, systematically assesses and enhances the sustainability profile of products. Mohawk voluntarily underwent a rigorous evaluation process, meticulously reviewed by third-party certification provider SCS Global Services, highlighting the company’s dedication to upholding the strongest standards of environmental, economic, and social principles throughout its supply chain.

To attain LF-02 certification through NALFA, companies must satisfy the following criteria:
• Demonstrate how laminate floor covering products can conform to the environmental, economic, and social principles of sustainability throughout the supply chain;
• Demonstrate conformance with ISO Type 1 (14024) and Type 2 (14021) environmental labeling and declaration requirements;
• Demonstrate conformance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims;
• Create confidence in the various stakeholders (manufacturers, suppliers, regulators, and consumers) that the products meet the requirements of this program; and
• Encourage participation by all manufacturers of laminate floor coverings to improve environmental performance.

NALFA proudly applauds Mohawk for achieving LF-02 Platinum Level certification, highlighting the company’s dedication to sustainability. The standard, emphasizing transparency and accountability, is available for download on the NALFA website, providing valuable insights and guidelines for the entire laminate flooring industry.

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