Laminate Installers Can Stay Strong in a DIY World

Let’s face it, we live in a DIY world and many homeowners buy laminate flooring to install it themselves. How are you ensuring that potential customers who are looking for a quality laminate installer are finding you? We have one exceptional way to stand out in the crowd and increase your business.

The NALFA certified installers program will catapult your skills to the next level. Spend two days with veteran installer and instructor, Anthony Palandro, learning advanced techniques in a hands-on environment. What’s more, when you successfully complete the course, you’ll receive NALFA membership privileges and become one of the elite installers listed on the searchable directory at Talk about increasing your visibility!

Six sessions remain in 2011. Classes are kept small to maintain the highest level of involvement and attention. There is no better laminate installation program available!

Call Teiya Eubanks at 423-316-1566 for pricing and registration information. (email

Installers receive hands-on training at the Seattle, WA
installation class.

Remaining 2011 Schedule:

June 13 & 14: Calhoun, GA
July 12 & 13: City of Industry, CA
Sept 19 & 20: Salem, NJ
Oct. 17 & 18: Calhoun, GA
Nov 8 & 9: City of Industry, CA
Dec 6 & 7: Seattle, WA

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