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Choosing the Right Laminate Floor in 6 Easy Steps

Before diving into the wide selection of laminate flooring products, consider these 6 factors that can have a big impact on your final decision and continued satisfaction. Continue reading

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How to test for moisture in concrete before a laminate floor install

A laminate floor can turn a concrete slab into a dream come true. But moisture in the concrete can turn it into a nightmare. Take the proper steps to check for moisture first. Here are three ways to test moisture to ensure the slab is suitable for installation. Continue reading

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Subfloor Preparation for Laminate Flooring

NALFA certified installer, Anthony Pallandro, shares his advice on preparing a subfloor for a floating laminate floor installation. With over 38 yeas in the business, he knows everything and more! Continue reading

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The Five “Must Knows” About Sound Testing

Sound testing is critical in multi-unit developments, however testing methods can be confusing and results can be misleading. NALFA helps break it down for you. Continue reading

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