Kronotex USA

Kronotex U.S.A., Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Krono Group, is one of the largest laminate flooring manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in Barnwell, SC, Kronotex manufactures laminate wood and tile flooring under the Kronotex and Formica Flooring brands, as well as a variety of private label brands sold in many of America’s leading retailers.

Kronotex serves a select group of distributors and larger retailers with product and accessories, and provides helpful information and direction to consumers interested in laminate flooring. The company maintains inventory in Barnwell, SC and does business across North America.

In many ways, laminate flooring is a very earth-friendly flooring solution, because the idea behind laminate flooring is to faithfully recreate the beauty of natural wood in a more durable, longer lasting floor. The technology used in our modern laminate flooring production facility not only gives us the ability to recreate the color, tonal variations and textures of different wood species, but we can preserve that natural beauty so it can withstand the wear, foot traffic and occasional accidents that come with everyday living.

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810 Technology Drive
Barnwell, SC 29812
(866) 334-9923